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Mr. Pacifique Sukisa-Makasi's speech at the 31 / 01/ 2012 ambassadorial-forum

31st January 2012,

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be with you today,

When a weak, short and thin man like me conquers fear, then you know that the house is burning!

My name is Pacifique and my surname is Sukisa-Makasi. I am a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s villager who supposed to be talking to you about farming that I love the most but instead, I am forced to talk to you about the abuses of human rights in the DRC since no one can successfully farm where there is no peace and stability. I am currently the President of the Revolution Congolaise, RC, in short.

If you have not yet had a clear picture of what the Revolution Congolaise – RC is.

    Revolution Congolaise, RC.
    The RC is a movement of moderate Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizens from the DRC diversity (men and women from all DRC' s eleven provinces, political and Human Rights activists, churches leaders, students, workers in the DRC public and the private sector, the unemployed, etc.); we are united in the fight against dictatorial governments that deny us (DRC people) dignity, liberty and protection, governments that oppress us than protecting us, and rooted on injustice, discrimination, intolerance and the lack of good will to make the DRC an effective member of the SADEC, the AU and the International Community; and most importantly, we are united in the fight against Mr. Kabila's governments” incompetency and, or, lack of free will to make the DRC peaceful, stable and prosperous.
    The RC vision is to effectively contribute on building a future DRC where shall reign dignity and freedom of people who live in it, visit it, and invest in it, a DRC that shall formally be an effective member of the SADEC, the AU and the International Community, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Free World's principles.
As stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
  1. We are all born free and equal,
  2. Don’t discriminate,
  3. The right to life,
  4. No slavery,
  5. No torture,
  6. You have rights no matter where you go,
  7. We are all equal before the law,
  8. Your human rights are protected by law,
  9. No unfair detainment,
  10. The right to trial,
  11. We are always innocent till proven guilty,
  12. The right to privacy,
  13. Freedom to move,
  14. The right to seek a safe place to live,
  15. Right to a nationality,
  16. Marriage and family,
  17. Your own things,
  18. Freedom to thoughts,
  19. Freedom of expression,
  20. Right to public assembly,
  21. The right to democracy,
  22. Social security,
  23. Workers’ rights,
  24. The right to play,
  25. Food and shelter for all,
  26. The right to education,
  27. Copyright,
  28. A fair and free world,
  29. Responsibility,
  30. No one can take away your human rights.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Revolution Congolaise - RC” that I am representing here, does not see a single of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Mr. Joseph Kabila’s governments have not persistently abused yet.

Because, Mr. Kabila’s governments have intentionally denied us access to:

  1. Safety and dignity, (continuous unrest in the east of the DRC; looting; sexual cruelty against our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, nieces, cousins and, so on,
  2. Clean drinking water in a DRC with a huge natural water reserve (lakes, rivers and even a sea),
  3. Food in a DRC with a very fertile land and good climate for farming, a DRC that is believed to produce food able to feed the whole African continent on its own for at least ten years,
  4. Basic health care in a DRC with high malaria, HIV/Aids, many diseases related to malnutrition, dirty water, etc,
  5. Education (we mean modern education with free primary education, bursaries for intelligent universities and colleges’ students),
  6. Electricity in a country that is believed to already have huge ready to distribute electricity,
  7. Safe and available road, air and maritime public transport,
  8. Communication means among others phones, Internet, short message services, etc,
  9. The right to know (freedom of the media),
  10. Right to reasonable and regular salaries for teachers, medical workers, army and police staff and other workers in the public sector and in the private sector where most employers are from countries with poor human rights record.
  11. Employment for the unemployed,
But, most importantly, Mr. Kabila’s governments have denied us the right to:

  1. Democracy;
  2. Fair and free elections;
  3. A legitimate, competent and responsible government with strong institutions among others the Independent Electoral Commission, the judiciary institutions, strong / disciplined army and police forces, etc, rather than strong individuals ,
  4. Peace, stability and prosperity;
  5. A formal effective membership of our Interdependent World mainly based on the “free world” principles;

  • The involvement of Mr. Kabila in the manipulation of the DRC constitution in his personal favor;
  • his ties with informal and formal groups with political ideologies based on the promotion of tribal or ethnic groups, provincial, linguistic, religious, regional divisions;
  • his intentional rejection of the expertise of the International Community in our Country's political and economic affairs;
  • his power that is mainly his finger on the trigger,

do no longer give us a good reason to do not call his governments, dictatorial governments committed to oppress us [DRC people] than protecting us. We are talking here, about, governments rooted on injustices, discrimination and intolerance.

Therefore, we, the Revolution Congolaise - RC team, have decided to no longer sit paralyzed, watching and hopping that our social, economic and political horrible situation will positively change itself.


yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose”,

we respectfully, request that the SADEC, the former “CPGL”, the African Union and the International Community help us (DRC people) to meet and have a dialogue on how important and urgent it is that we (DRC people) unite and commit onto fighting our common enemies that are: hunger and malnutrition, poor health care (HIV/aids, malaria,…) poor education, dictatorship, human rights abuses, lack of strong government institutions, lack of formal and effective partnership with the International Community based on the free world principles, rather than fighting ourselves or to blaming others of our misery.

The “Revolution Congolaise - RC” team is convinced that together,

the daughters and the sons of the DRC, in partnership with the International Community, a peaceful, a stable and a prosperous DRC based on the government of the people, by the people, for the people,” and a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunity” is possible.

We mean, a DRC that shall contribute on making our Interdependent world a better place by contributing on the efforts of other global men and women committed to:

transforming ideas into action, combating climate change, treating HIV/Aids and malaria, promoting economic opportunity, creating sustainable development in Africa, enabling sustainable development, fighting child obesity”, in some parts of the world while fighting famine in other parts of the world.

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