Thursday, 12 July 2012

UN chief calls Presidents of Rwanda and the Congo

I hope that the UN chief call will help the Presidents of both Rwanda and the Congo, and the rebels understand that the ongoing armed conflicts in our region should no longer be justified or tolerated because they mostly harm helpless innocent people, they harm the progress of the very needed peace, stability and prosperity for all affected countries and unavoidably our interdependent world's potential economic investment with clean and fair profit in our region at large and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in particular. I hope that from this call will, come the wisdom to remember the importance of neighboring countries' good social, economic and political relations while respecting each individual country's sovereignty in our obvious irreversible interdependent world. Hopefully this call will help the concerned presidents to remember that many of us no longer tolerate the continuous bloodshed in our region and that former Libyan president M. Gaddafi, ... were once so-called most powerful individuals on our continent based on their fingers on the trigger, tricks, myths and personal wealth but their end became disgraceful to the point that I personally as proudly African will feel ashamed if another head of state / president / first citizen of any of our continent's countries have a disgraceful end. These persistent conflicts based on self political and economic power gains are a threat not only to ordinary people of the region but also to our potential visitors and investors and our innocent future generations, including the two presidents' and rebels' children. Regrettably some people seem not to care about what is to happen to their own children after they will have destroyed all our potential social, economic and political improvement!

On behalf of the “Revolution Congolaise.rc”

Pacifique Sukisa - Makasi, President