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Revolution Congolaise (RC) - General Information.

ORGANIZATION NAME: Revolution Congolaise
Shortened name: RC 
Founded: December 10, 2011
Registration number: 2017/313356/08
Affiliation: CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation -

The Revolution Congolaise (RC)’s vision is to contribute on the building of a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with good governance, with attractive economic management and with a good business environment that shall attract the private sector (national and international investment). A DRC where all people shall live in harmony and with equal opportunity and that shall not operate in isolation but that shall effectively be part of and play an important roles in all the sub regions it belongs to, Africa and our Interdependent world.

The RC’s current Projects:
1. The RC is advocating for Africa’s sub regions, the African Union and the broader International community to assist the Congolese people to challenge the current political system, through an all-inclusive dialogue involving political actors, Grassroots / civic organizations and the Congolese diaspora. This dialogue must address the 2011 post-election problems and defining factors of the current deadlock in the DRC, as well as governance, social justice and cohesion to encourage political maturity and must address the post President Joseph Kabila’s current term.

2. An educational campaign for a Needed New Beginning in DRC and that requires us to put our differences aside and focus on building a NATION out of our divided societies through the understanding that a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous DRC is a responsibility of every DRC citizen (leaders and ordinary people).

COUNTRY: Democratic Republic of Congo
TYPE OF ORGANISATION: Grass-roots organisation, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
Organisation's Geographic Reach: National        

Organisations Fields of expertise: Health, Human Rights/ Social Justice, Education / Skills Development, Community Development, Advocacy / Lobbying, Children / Youth, Civic Participation & Volunteerism, Media (Incl. alternative and community), Democracy /Governance / Transparency & Accountability, Gender / Vulnerable Groups / Minority Populations, Land / Rural Development / Agriculture, International and Economic Development

Organisations Areas of Interests: Legitimacy, Transparency, Accountability, Capacity Building and Trainings, Post Rio +20 / Post 2015, Participatory Governance, Campaigns, Gender, Vulnerable and Minority Groups, Human Rights / Civic Rights and UN related issues, Networking Opportunities and Events

To Donate:

Account Holder: Revolution Congolaise NPC
Bank Name: FNB
Account Type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 62737456451
Branch Code: 250-655

SWIFT/BIC: FIRNZAJJXXX (for international transfers only)

LinkedIn Profile:
Twitter Handle: @RCongolaise

Contact details
General information:

Primary Contact Person:
Last Name: Sukisa-Makasi
First Name: Pacifique
Gender: Male
Job Title / Position: Leader
Twitter: @PacifiqueSukisa