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Need for a new beginning in DRC | 20th September 2012 | Pazumbuka News

Article advocating the need for Africa’s sub-regions, the African Union and the broader international community to assist the Congolese population to challenge the current political system, stressing the need for an all inclusive dialogue involving political actors, the general public and the Congolese diaspora. The article states that this dialogue must address post-election problems and the defining factors of the current deadlock in the DRC, as well as governance, social justice and cohesion to encourage political maturity. The article addresses different measures being taken by Congolese diasporas in South Africa, with one group (Congolese citizens in South Africa) perpetrating violent attacks on those it perceives as supporting the DRC government, and another moderate group (Revolution Congolaise RC) lobbying the SADC, the ICGLR, the African Union and the broader international community to assist Congolese citizens to combat the dictatorial political system. The article states that DRC opposition groups are currently divided and expresses disappointment that President Kabila and opposition groups are not willing enter into the dialogue.”

Drc: Pan-African News Wire: Need For New Beginning in D...

Drc: Pan-African News Wire: Need For New Beginning in D...: Pan-African News Wire: Need For New Beginning in DRC

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Revolution Congolaise rc remains committed to its original vision

Dear valued readers,
Please be aware that other compatriots are currently calling themselves “revolution Congolaise” on the Internet and please note that  we are not connected to them at present even though they have chosen to use our movement’s name and their movement (s) involve some of our members who no longer  support our revolution congolaise rc’s originally agreed upon vision. 

We think that this is because some of them joined us with a hidden agenda or just joined us emotionally or they just gave up because of lack of patience and perseverance! 

However, like for most so-called politicians in our country, politics is for them some kind of quick - money - making business. Some of our colleagues have had the courage to request us that because we have no money we should make our movement a branch of some existing political parties or groups of political parties which are financially strong and we are told by the same colleagues that some political parties or groups of political parties have offered them what they call a lot of money for us to become their branch!, Our colleagues who are insisting that we sell our vision for money simply seem to have forgotten that fighting corruption and any sort of selfish ambitions is part of our movement’s aims! 

Other colleagues are unhappy with our current position that we need other world citizens in search for means to make our country peaceful, stable and prosperous. Therefore, they have decided to join those who believe that the problems of our country do not require any outside help! Others believe that the only option to our country's current crisis is the military option and not non-violent option!

Yes, we are well aware that in a dangerously and negatively militarized country like our Democratic Republic of Congo and where the leadership and most of its opponents, mainly negative armed forces believe that political power has to be based on the "finger on the trigger", military force cannot completely be ruled out but military force should only be necessary if and only if the non violent means have failed to bring a positive lasting solution or if the non violent means have not been welcomed by the majority of the political actors in a reasonable time comparatively to urgency on the current DR Congo's institutional, social, economic and political situation.

To directly reach information related to our original movement "revolution congolaise rc", please search for “Revolution Congolaise rc” as the "RC" is the clear difference between our movement and the other “revolutions congolaises”.

Pacifique Sukisa - Makasi, 
President, Revolution Congolaise rc







Monday, 8 October 2012