Sunday, 7 February 2016

The National and Inclusive dialogue in DRC is one of the RC's projects, not President Joseph Kabila's project.

Not President Joseph Kabila. I, Pacifique Sukisa-Makasi initiated the National and Inclusive dialogue that is currently gaining momentum in the DRC politics. 

It is good that President Joseph Kabila is finally committed to dialogue but he is not the initiator of the National and Inclusive dialogue that he is claiming to have initiated some months ago, last year 2015, as he said in his 2015's address to the DRC people. I initiated this dialogue on behalf of the revolution Congolaise.rc that I am currently leading.

Sooner after the November 2011 Presidential flawed elections in the DRC, I thought that dialogue is the best way to finding a durable and lasting solution to the current known DRC problems. I, therefore requested for a national and inclusive dialogue from the broader International Community, the African Union and all the sub-regions which the DRC belongs to through various events among others: 
a.      On the 31st January 2012, I was one of the key speakers at the Ambassadorial forum – 2011 DRC post elections and its aftermaths -  -  I said the following in my speech:  ‘Because: “yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose”, we respectfully, request that the SADEC, the former “CPGL”, the African Union and the International Community help us (DRC people) to meet and have a dialogue on how important and urgent it is that we (DRC people) unite and commit onto fighting our common enemies that are: hunger and malnutrition, poor health care (HIV/aids, malaria,…) poor education, dictatorship, human rights abuses, lack of strong government institutions, lack of formal and effective partnership with the International Community based on the free world principles, rather than fighting ourselves or to blaming others of our misery.’

b.      On the 27 March 2012, I was one of the carefully selected participants  on a roundtable on the DRC, that came to be known as the ‘A regional response to the post-election situation in the DRC’ and in which the national and inclusive dialogue I wish for, was I would say willingly or unwillingly endorsed by the region (Africa) and that I believe to have been an inspiration to  the Addis Ababa Peace, Security and cooperation Framework for  the DRC and the Great Lake Region of Africa -

c.       I continued to advocating and lobbying for this national and inclusive dialogue through my article that was original published by Pambazuka (an International Pan African Media) -

This article was further distributed by other international medias among others:

·  Need for a new beginning in DRC | 20th September 2012 | Pazumbuka News - Article advocating the need for Africa’s sub-regions, the African Union and the broader international community to assist the Congolese population to challenge the current political system, stressing the need for an all-inclusive dialogue involving political actors, the general public and the Congolese Diaspora. The article states that this dialogue must address post-election problems and the defining factors of the current deadlock in the DRC, as well as governance, social justice and cohesion to encourage political maturity. The article addresses different measures being taken by Congolese diasporas in South Africa, with one group (Congolese citizens in South Africa) perpetrating violent attacks on those it perceives as supporting the DRC government, and another moderate group (Revolution Congolaise RC) lobbying the SADC, the ICGLR, the African Union and the broader international community to assist Congolese citizens to combat the dictatorial political system. The article states that DRC opposition groups are currently divided and expresses disappointment that President Kabila and opposition groups are not willing enter into the dialogue.”

No wonder, someone or a group of people are trying to kill me.  In 2009, I survived torture and escaped death from the ANR (DRC National Information Agency) and the then GSSP (Presidential Special Security Guards) now called GR (Republican Guards) in DRC. In 2012, I survived an assassination attempt by a Zimbabwean national, a Bulgarian national and a South African national whom almost killed me after they succeeded to enter as far as my bedroom, in South Africa.  In 2014, I survived a deadly poisoning, in South Africa. In 2015, my kids, wife and I survived fire that burned down my family's entire home, in South Africa:

The list of incidents that can be linked to the threatening of my life and of my wife  and kids because of my political commitments is long.

Please keep me and the RC in your thoughts and prayers as I remain committed to contributing on building a better (peaceful, stable and prosperous) DRC.

Pacifique Sukisa-Makasi, President,

Revolution Congolaise.rc,

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