Sunday, 7 February 2016

Try Pacifique Sukisa-Makasi and other DRC emerging politicians for a positive surprise!

Peace, Stability and Prosperity towards effective Democracy, good Governance and a healthy environment for Trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according the universal principles can take place in our country if and only if the few reliable and willing Democratic Republic of Congo's emerging politicians like me become part of the national and International individuals or group of people who are aiming Peace, Stability and Prosperity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am definitely one of those rare reliable Democratic Republic of Congo's citizens the International Community and "Free world" in particular has been searching for, the ones the Democratic Republic of Congo's ordinary people need to light up the necessary candle to the positive change that many of us have been hungry and thirsty for a very long time.

Until Mr Nelson Mandela was given a chance, very few of his compatriots and Global citizens knew that in Nelson Mandela was a rare Statesman and humanitarian who has become an inspiration to me and to many other World's citizens.

I make a plea that my compatriots and other World's citizens who are truly aiming Peace, Stability, good governance and viable environment for business (Trade) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, stop to persistently wasting time. Try me and some of other Democratic Republic of Congo's emerging politicians like me and I am ensuring you that we will surprise everyone.

I thank you!

Pacifique Sukisa-Makasi,

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